Saturday, 8 March 2008

Loss is Precious

Loss is more precious than gain
It keeps our life go on pretty
They come as dreams and vanishes
Leaving the trailing memories of old days

Pain is deeper than pleasure
It keeps us stay humble and clean
They remind us of the lost sweetness
Sharing the dearest moments in silence

Hardship is more fruitful than pompous life
It keeps us very much in life
It makes us heavier in helps
Bearing the pleasure of a dutiful being

                                   Geetha  V C 

Village festival

Today a wondrous one for village
The festival pools us in a saga
Every time old faces with friendship
Stops us a moment all happy

Children at heels to buy toys
Parents at wheel to grope the purse
Grandmas at their good old days
Youngsters at new hope of life

The sounds of pleasure drizzling fast
The street busy rare of sight
Moment with movement abrupt
All in happy mood of feast

Make me one with this world
Take me out of inner pain
A day great comes once in a year
To keep us close and be dear

Gods on T.V

My daughter keeps on asking
‘Where does God live?’
My son answered abrupt
‘Don’t you know ‘on TV?’

To my surprise he explains
‘In temple do they move?’
But in TV they move
Talk dance and bless us?’

What to tell this little ear?
What to show this wondrous eye?
An unending fact that I realize
TV rules them, even Gods.

David an old farmer

David an old farmer fumbling on the pavement
Looks on his paddy field, on torment
Oh; alighting flashes all of a sudden
Tramples the poor man’s mind and saddens

All his paddy in deep drown
Mind in sorrowful saga
How mightier comes the rain drops
Who is there to save his crops?

No mind to care this rain coming from eyes
No plea to do him favours of soothes
Paddy gives him deep down debt
Prayer comes no sooth his heart

Time to arise is utmost
Turn to paddy with a care
They give us life and blood
Give them coins of love for life.

Dream a day back

A dream day back revitalized me
Changing me young all of a sudden
The faces talks and dear words
All lifted me to a circle of ray.

Husky words, dear till soft in ear
Lovely looks so close to heart
Thoughts aback proves it all real
A world of truth, love and pleasure.

A sound of alarm haunts me down
A pain inbuilt, stuck to bed
The dear moment stands a myth
Keeping me very much in speedy life

At noon even, the dreams colored
Fashions my mind more pretty
A felt pleasure inborn I touch
The dream comes to glitter my mind.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Children at home

He looks at me in question
She smiles at me as answer
He wants a little to sleep
She wants a doll to play

He complaints of time, short
She call to tie up shoe
My hand be hundred
Morning make the wheel so fast

Children rush to yellow bus
I too move on heels so rush
Charge me in spirit on duties
Who bear us charge less at least once?

School and home in its run
Streams always to mom their life
A smile, a hug brightens them
With my mind in moving joy.

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Puzzled plat form

The fury air struggles near
The dirty water streams here
Faces fumble for air, pure
Tongue yearns for water clear

Life is trailing deep and fast
Death is nearing strong with fist
The days mix with clouded stain
Air and water clamors rain

Buildings down deep exploding round
Woods down deep cleans ground
Golden dreams do they hold
Filled with danger seen as gold

A mouthful water; be or not
A Troubling thought always a knot
Clouded water- dream or truth?
Oh! Truth winds up as a death.

Who bothers this pollution spread?
Who think this danger wide?
Hurry dreams to make splendors
Hurry streams to make odors

Thoughts trodden down to deep
Plots ploughed up to bear heap
New face fastens life angry
New size hugs up dreams hungry

Have a thought at human feel
Take a breath at divine peel
Water be a heavenly touch
Air and mind be sure to breath.